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    Thanks for visiting. This is the home page for Metrix, the free color-matching plug-in for Adobe Photoshop.

    Please note the new URL for PhotoSynthesis Inc. and change your bookmarks.

    PC Magazine gave Metrix Four Stars. Please also take a look at the User Reviews and the Metrix Acid Test. As of February, 2017, this site is ranked 34 in Alexa's top Photoshop plugin websites.

    The following images demonstrate what Metrix can do. Metrix compares two images and perfectly matches their colors.  For example, it can match the following images so that they can be stitched together into a panorama:

Grand-L.jpg (14911 bytes)    Grand-RC.jpg (10224 bytes)

    Here is the corrected version:

Grand-L.jpg (14911 bytes)    Grand-RF.jpg (16445 bytes)

     It can match the skin tones from the image on the left to the image in the middle, resulting in the image on the right:

pre.jpg (8107 bytes)    post.jpg (8168 bytes)    pre-corr.jpg (10176 bytes)

    It can match images in a mis-matched stereo pair. The left (middle) view was exposed or scanned differently:

R.jpg (29899 bytes)    L-Orig.jpg (30391 bytes)    R.jpg (29899 bytes)

    Here is the corrected version:

R.jpg (29899 bytes)    L-Re.jpg (29657 bytes)    R.jpg (29899 bytes)

    Metrix, first released in 2000, automatically matches the color distribution (histogram) of any RGB-mode image or selection to any other. It is widely used around the world. Among other things, Metrix is used for ordinary snapshot photography, panoramas, stereoscopic photography, cartography, medical and scientific imaging, virtual reality, and fine art photo compositing.

    Although Adobe added a "Match Color" function to Photoshop in 2004, Metrix's color-matching is more accurate and easier to use. Please see the Metrix Acid Test page.

    Metrix works with all 32-bit versions of Photoshop, and with all other Windows programs that can host Photoshop plug-ins. Depending on your plugin host, you may need to install additional software to use Metrix. Please follow the Installation notes here.

    You can download Metrix by clicking hereHere are some instructions for installing and using it.

    This version of Metrix will work until January 1st of next year, at which time next year's version will be available at this website.

    Please let me know of any plugin hosts other than Photoshop on which you've used Metrix, and please send any communications to Joshua N. Rubin (jnr (at) this domain).  Thanks for any feedback.

    Also, please take a look at my stereo views on Flickr.



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